In a world of technology, why are people going back to traditional toys?

Toys in a Box

In today’s modern world we have found that more and more people are going back to giving their children traditional toys. Why is that we ask ourselves?

When a child can be entertained by a screen or by a moving all singing all dancing electronic toy, then why on earth would they want to play with a traditional toy?

Well in our minds it is quite simple, the key word there being mind. Whereas a screen provides the stimulation and leading the child in play, a traditional toy operates the other way round. The child stimulates the toy by their own actions, bringing their imagination into play and to life.

Playing with classic toys provides a wealth of opportunities for learning and developing children’s minds. The interaction and imagination that goes between and child and a traditional toy provides far more stimulation that being lead by an electronic toy. The children themselves lead the play.

Haven’t we found ourselves in our adult lives, that when we are in front of a screen we are immersed in whatever we are watching or doing, making the modern world very antisocial. Bring a tradition toy into play and you can see with your own eyes, children interacting with each other through the power of play.

Girl holding an Alimrose DollNot only is a child’s imagination stretched to far more capacity, but they physical development is also enhanced. With little fingers touching and moving toys, it can enhance not only their fine motor skills, but bring together their hand eye co-ordination too. The feel of a toy, or even a book in a child’s hand can never be reproduced by virtual reality play.

So why don’t we encourage our children to play with more traditional toys, and bring the social skills that we learnt when we were small back into their lives.

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