Are Dolls Just For Girls to play with? Boys Can too!

kiddymania rag dolls boys
This seems to be the question of the moment these days, but there are many reasons why it is good for boys as well as girls to play with dolls.

In this modern day when there is more and more equality between the sexes it is becoming increasingly popular to mix the traditional gender split of toys between girls and boys.

It is important for children, that both boys and girls play with what used to be gender-specific toys such as building blocks, cars and of course dolls.

Playing with toys such as dolls, a child’s imagination can be brought to life whether a boy or a girl. Children don’t have predetermined images of which toys that they should play with and as parents we can actually learn from this innocent childlike view.

By playing with dolls, relationships and friendships can be built, forming a strong basis for building relationships and friendships in the future, encouraging their emotional skills. You never know, one day your son may be a husband, father, uncle, brother. The love that a little boy can give a doll will prepare him for future caring and nurturing relationships. By the same token, for example, if a boy plays with toy food, it doesn’t mean that he will grow into being a chef, but will feed his imagination and relationship with food.boy rag doll play

But playing with dolls isn’t all about relationship building and nurturing. Fine motor skills, language and social skills are encouraged….and all through play. How amazing is that?

By giving a child a doll their little fingers can learn to dress and undress a rag doll, encouraging coordination of their small muscles, and learning through their sense of touch.

If a child has a doll in their hands their play can move in any direction that they wish, and perhaps that is something that we should consider when thinking that dolls are just for girls.

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