We all love to travel and go on holiday, and sometimes the unthinkable can happen.  We all try to keep our eyes on our kids at all times but we all know how quickly a toddler can slip out of our view even when we think we that have every eventually covered.

Have you thought what would happen if your child got lost or separated from you when you were out?  Wouldn’t you like to have the peace of mind that your contact details were with your child at all times? Our kids safety in this world of increasing challenges is the most important thing.

Well we have the answer.  Kids ID bands are a great way of ensuring your safety if they do get lost while you are out and about.

We offer a wide range of children’s identity wristbands to keep your child safe, in either single use or reusable form.

The single use wristbands are so simple to use.  Just write your contact details on the wristband and place on your child’s wrist.  They are designed to stay on all day while you are out on your travels and can only be taken off at the end of the day by an adult by either tearing or cutting them off their wrist.  Simple but strong and effective.

We also offer a range of reusable identification wristbands which any kid will love to wear.  Easy to attach by an adult, but secure enough so that a child would be unable to take them off themselves.  The bands come In a great variety of designs and are sure to be loved by children and toddlers alike.

So why not take a look at our range and put your mind at rest knowing that your kids safety should they get lost has been taken care of.