Petite Dolls Clothes 16"-18" lilac trouser set

Petite Dolls Clothes


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Petite Dolls Clothes - Winners of the 2007 Right Start Awards Best Value Toy overall category!!!

Gorgeous lilac top and contrasting trouser set that any little doll will look stunning in. Included contrasting handbag

Fits dolls 16"-18" including Petites own Olivia Doll.

Here is a guidline for the major doll sizes. This is for your information only and is on this product line as a quidline only. It does not guarantee fit as I am unable to try every outfit on every doll.

Also remember that the dolls clothes are made by Petite Dolls Clothes.

Doll Size in cm
Petite Dolls Clothes Olivia 43cm
Petite Dolls Clothes Fredi 43cm
Baby Born Magic Eyes 43cm
Tiny Tears So Loving 45cm
Tiny Tears Classic 40cm