Weekend excitement - stay safe with our wristbands!

Are you like me and like to take your children out at the weekend?

We have joined the English Heritage and love to go out to our favourite haunts at the weekend, often with our poodley dog called Comet....although life often gets interesting when he tags along.

Our favourite haunt is Kenilworth Castle.  Do you have any favourites?  We would love to have some recommendations.

We have a recommendation too though, and that is one of safety.  Wherever we go we put on an Infoband Identity Wristband.  The children like to wear them because there are so many super cool designs......and I love them because it gives me a little reassurance when we are out.  My purse also likes them because they are only £3.50 and can be used over and over again.

What is £3.50 when you can have peace of mind.

Why not have a look at our range here

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