Mummy Must Have Stay-Put Peapod Swaddler



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The Stay-put Peapod Sleep Swaddle?

The Stay-put Peapod Sleep Swaddle? is a ?sleep sock? that rolls up over baby?s body from their feet to shoulders, comfortably embracing them in a snug position. The Stay-put Peapod Swaddle can be safely adjusted to fit the size of your baby up until they are approximately 6 months old.

If you need to change a nappy while baby is sleeping, just unzip the bottom and baby stays swaddled and undisturbed.

***The Back to Sleep Campaign recommends lying a baby on its back to help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (?S.I.D.S?).

As featured in the Innovative Products section of Baby Hampshire Winter 2007 magazine.

For newborn to 6 month old babies.

Colour White