Hadas Hall Mr Bunny Large Soft Doll



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Hadas Hall Collection - Mr Bunny Large Soft Doll

Hadas Hall are two young mothers brought together by a desire to offer their children toys that were not mass produced. The resulting product has a retro feel but remains very firmly in the 21st century. Natural fabrics and wood, combined with a very strong design signature sets Hadas Hall apart from other toy companies. At home as a much loved part of the toy chest, or part of the nursery design, these toys will quickly become part of the family and due their timeless quality will be handed down from generation to generation.

Mr Bunny Large Soft Doll

Rabbits are a childhood favourite and Mr Bunny has been very popular. Whether it's the long floppy ears or the cute little nose, Mr Bunny makes a wonderful new born gift and will be cherished. Mr Bunny is made from fine natural fabrics and her carriage is solid beech wood. Approximate size is 30cm (h) x 22cm (l)

Would make a Timeless git

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