Coolkidz Cold Pack



Coolkidz Cold Packs are fantastic new products in our collection. The cute cold packs provide a quick and safe pain relief and they helps to comfort the child. Unlike many similar products our Cold Packs are completely free from toxics, PVC, latex and all other allergy inducing substances.

Coolkidz Cold Packs are always flexible ? even when they are frozen. The flexibility and the fun childish design makes them a favourite among the kids and moreover the cold packs can maintain its chill for up to 30 minutes after only an hour in the freezer. Coolkidz Cold Packs is not just a summer product - it is perfect whenever the accident is there.

The Coolkidz Cold Packs are approximately 10 x 10 cm and about 1-1,5 cm thick. They weigh between 85-120 grams, depending on design.