Baby Petite Collection Doll changer & outfit set 20 50 cm



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This lovely doll's changer and outfit set is made by Petite Doll's clothes and will fit the major brand named dolls up to 20 but has been specifically designed for the Baby Petite Collection.

It is the very best of quality as you would expect of Petite Clothing.

Lovely doll changer with carry bag and babygro.

The detail in this is tremendous.

Here is a guidline for the major doll sizes. This is for your information only and is on this product line as a quidline only. It does not guarantee fit as I am unable to try every outfit on every doll. ALso remember that the dolls clothes are made by Petite Dolls Clothes.


Doll Size in cm
Baby Petite 50cm Petite Dolls Clothes Milly 35cm Petite Dolls Clothes Olivia 43cm Petite Dolls Clothes Fredi 43cm Baby Born Magic Eyes 43cm My First Baby Born 32cm Baby Annabell 46cm My First Baby Annabell 36cm Talking Chou Chou 48cm Tiny Tears So Loving 45cm Tiny Tears Classic 40cm Elc Millie 46cm Elc First Baby Doll 30cm Elc Little Luke/Lucy 46cm

Please look in the relevant size categories for relevant outfits.

This would make a little girls day to dress her precious dolly in.

Fits dolls such as Baby Annabell and Baby Born and Tiny Tears so real plus Chou fact all dolls up to 20\".

Why not team up with a pair of dolls shoes or perhaps a doll\'s nappy which are also available in my shop.