Baby Doll with Carry Cot and Blanket - 23cm



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This gorgeous little soft baby doll comes with her own fabric carry cot, blanket and even a milk bottle! Oh, the cuteness! Imagine how much enjoyment a little girl can have caring for this baby, putting her to bed, pretend feeding and making sure she is kept warm in her blanket. That sweet little smile will reward her carer always. Made in a neutral pallette of colours, the perfectly sized cot has a hood to protect baby.

Made entirely from fabric, she is suitable from birth.

She has been made to the principles of fair trade in Sri Lanka.  Please read the ethical policy as Imajo prides itself to adhering to these principles.

Age: Suitable from Birth
Size: 23cm
Made in Sri Lanka


Ethical Policy

Traditional Rag Dolls

Imajo traditional rag dolls are made in Sri Lanka.

A few facts:

  • No children are employed
  • The factory employs 75 full time workers
  • Employees are paid 10% more than the minimum wage for garment factory workers stipulated by the Sri Lanka government labour department
  • Employees are also paid a living allowance, travel allowance and attendance allowance
  • Purified bottled drinking water is provided free of charge
  • Tea is provided free of charge
  • The factory has an employee canteen area
  • The factory is fully furnished with tiled floors and toilet facilities
  • Standard 44.5 hour week (8 hours Mon-Fri, 4.5 hours Saturday)
  • Employees are granted paid annual leave and all public holidays are respected, including any religious holidays
  • All female workers receive paid maternity leave and have the right to return
  • Employees are taken on a two day paid company trip every year
  • Less able people are employed

Supporting the local economy is something we strongly believe in. Wherever possible, raw materials are bought locally. This can mean that sometimes the finished items may vary slightly from the photographs on this website. We think this add to the charm and unique nature of our products.


* Sri Lanka Export Development Board
* Founder Member of the Toy & Craft Exporters’ Association Sri Lanka
* Member of the Women’s Chamber of Industry & Commerce Sri Lanka
* Member of National Chamber of Exporters Sri Lanka