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Infoband Press Release

Date: 27 March 2017

Losing your child is a fear every parent or carer has – that moment of panic when your child has momentarily gone astray in a busy theme park, or a crowded beach, is one we all dread.

Parents can help prevent any day-trip disasters using the reusable infoband™ wristband, available through Kiddymania (named online Retailer of the Year by Hunter Toys). The simple yet effect ID bracelet provides a fool-proof solution to re-uniting your child should they wander off.

Perfect for giving your child a little more independence but provides you peace of mind should their energetic little legs lead them astray. The infoband™ is ideal for your pool-side holiday, or action packed day out. The infoband™ is water resistant – simply use a normal ball point pen to write your name and contact phone number on. This cool accessory can be used over and over again.

Simple to put on – but trickier to take off - the smart buckle requires a two hand grip from grown-ups to remove. Available in 30 different designs – from oh-so cute pink bunnies to awesome aeroplanes. The infoband™ does not contain latex, PVC, toxins or allergy inducing substances.

Perfectly affordable – at around the cost a coffee – what little boy or girl wouldn’t love these designs? An essential must-have for any family day out – the infoband™ is available through Price £3.50.

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