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Babies love being held - but you need your hands free! Carry your baby in a Calin bleu wrap and get on with your life while baby stays close to your heart.

A Calin bleu wraparound baby carrier is a versatile and simple way of carrying babies and toddlers. Made from a selection of fabulous fabrics, the sling spreads the weight of your child across your back, both shoulders and hips.

With no complex clips to adjust, Calin bleu wraps make babywearing simple, and life better for parents and child, from birth to toddler. Your baby can lie down or be held upright, on your front, back, or hip. You can even breastfeed wearing a Calin bleu wrap.


Cool Gauze baby sling.

The loosely woven fabric flexes to fit your body and your baby. Made from breathable 100% cotton, this soft flexible baby sling works well from newborn to toddler and fits tall and small parents too. The wrap doubles up as a back carrier. In all positions, the carrier distributes weight evenly across both your shoulders and provides excellent support for both baby and adult.

The lightweight fabric is perfect for all seasons. Stay cool with your baby close to you indoors and out. Great for summer, and convenient throughout the year. You will stay comfortable when carrying your baby round the house, on public transport, or in shopping centres.

The Calin Bleu Cool wrap is ultra compact, and an ideal sling to keep in your bag. Now available in two sizes, 4.60m will allow all carries for parents under size 16. For size 18+, choose the XL version (5.20m). If you need any help with choosing the size, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we'll be happy to help.

From birth to 2-3 years old.


Top tips for your child’s position in a baby sling

When your child is in the baby wrap, she should be sitting at “kiss-level”, you just need to tilt your head forward to kiss her forehead. No matter what type of baby sling you use, her bottom should not be lower than your navel. If she is too low, your back will ache.

The baby sling holds the baby in a sitting position, not hanging down by the crotch - her legs shouldn’t be dangling down. She sits in a frog-like position; her knees higher than her bottom. That way, there is no pressure on her spine. The baby carrier transfers the baby's weight to your body.

The baby wrap needs to be tied fairly snug, more than you would expect. Calin Bleu baby slings are made of fabric that has enough ’give’ in itself to mould around the baby and you. If your back is aching or if you find the baby is sliding down, it is probably not tight enough.

There are many positions you can use to carry your baby or toddler. We've provided step-by-step instructions for some of the easiest, most popular and comfortable carries you can use to carry your child on your front, hip and back. Start with front carries for young babies, hip carries for babies older than 4 months with head control and back carries for older babies and toddlers.

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