Traditional Rag Dolls - Items tagged as "Dolly"

We love rag dolls here at Kiddymania and we believe that we have found some of the best available to buy today.

Doesn’t every child love a rag doll? Here at Kiddymania we believe that we have found the very best one’s for you.


We specialise in finding the prettiest and most unusual rag dolls around today.  We are sure that you will find the perfect little companion that is sure to be a friend for life.


Our products come from all over the world, from the U.K, to Sri Lanka and even as far as Australia.  We certainly go the extra mile to find the perfect doll for you, and we are sure that you will love them. 


What’s more, we now have an extensive range of clothes that you can buy to give your doll an amazing wardrobe.  It even encourages development and imagination by teaching your child how to dress and undress a doll


All of our ragdolls have their own name, and that has proven popular with the mums and dads, Grandma’s and Grandad’s amongst you.  


We specify on each of the product page the age that they are intended for, although we have found that they have been bought as baby shower gifts to be loved and cherished as your baby grows up.  


If you need any advice on any of our range, or on the clothes that will fit them, then we are always happy to help.  We want you to find the friend for life for your child. 


Have a look at or range for inspiration.