Calin Bleu Mountain Grey Cotton Gauze Wrap

Calin Bleu


This new mountain grey is our new colour for Winter 2017, inspired by the beautiful wild flowers found in the Devonshire countryside.

When you're on holiday or going out on a summer adventure, the last thing you want to worry about is damaging a precious wrap. Looking after your Calin Bleu couldn't be easier, just stick it in the washing machine on a normal 30 or 40 degree wash and hang it out to dry. You don't have to worry about the colour running, it's dyed with the best dyes that are safe for baby and don't run in the wash.

Choose size Medium or Long based upon your size, not your baby's. A wrap size 6 is the same as our Medium which is 4.6m long and suits most people for most carries unless you're very tall or over UK dress size 16. In that case opt for a wrap size 7, i.e. Long which is 5.2m.

Whichever length you choose the width of the wrap is the same. When it's stretched out long you'll see that it is actually in the shape of a parallelogram. The ends of the wrap are cut on the diagonal so that when you are tying the wrap the knots are less bulky whcih is more comfortable to wear as well as being easier to tye.

The cotton gauze fabric we use is a wonderful lightweight and strong fabric which softens up every time you wash it and use it. It feels very light and comfortable when you're wearing it so it's the perfect choice for summer. It's 100% natural cotton which means it's breathable so when you and your baby do get hot your skin won't get sweaty as the wrap will absorb the excess body heat. Both you and your baby will be able to keep cool and stay comfortable when you're out and about enjoying the sunshine!

The wrap spreads your baby's weight evenly over your back and shoulders whist you carry him/her. As you get used to it and your baby grows you will be able to carry him or her for longer periods when you want to as your carrying muscles get stronger.

All Calin Bleu wraps are made in the UK and are safety tested and comply with the BS EN 13209-2:2005 which is the baby carrier safety standard for the UK and Europe.

Follow the instructions that come with it to carry your baby or toddler on the front, hip or back from 3.5kg to 15kg or 7lbs to 33lbs. That's about the weight of a newborn to a 2 or 3 year old.