Want an idea for a Birthday Party?

March 8th, 2013
Birthday party ideas

Cupcake decorating parties

It is my lovely daughters birthday tomorrow and she is reaching the rip old age of 10!

Don’t you find it difficult to come up with party ideas for children these days.  It seems gone are the days of parties at home and pin the tail on the donkey, although I personally am a great fan of this sort of party.  There is nothing like musical chairs and pass the parcel!  I have so many good memories from my own childhood of parties at home with my family.

These days, however, things are a little different.  We have been to ice skating parties, roller discos and plenty of laser quest parties, so what to do for a 10 year old girl that is just that little bit different.

That is when i started wondering if there was such a thing a cupcake decorating parties, and sure enough I found one!! Oh joy of joy!! I was on the telephone to Landgirls Cookery School to see if they had any space and sure enough they did and was pleasantly surprised at the cost too!

So tomorrow afternoon I shall be going over to a cupcake decorating party with 9 very excited little girls!  I will of course let you see the results of our creative afternoon.

Do you have any unusual ideas for birthday parties for boys and girls?  We would love to know what you have planned if you have a birthday party coming up.

Halloween Competition

September 24th, 2011

Halloween girls fancy dressWelcome to our current competition!

We are currently running a competition to win on of our fabulous Halloween kids fancy dress costumes! If you are the lucky winner, you could win either a funky fairy witches fancy dress costume or if you prefer a boys halloween outfit, then the wonderful wizard costume.

And to win all you have to do is to send us an email telling us of your favourite Halloween kids party game.

The winner will be the one that is the most unusual and the most fun for kids.  Should there be more than one person suggest the same game the winners name will be drawn at random.

The top ten games will then appear on our blog.

So why not get your thinking cap on and email us at competitions@kiddymania.co.uk 

Closing date for the competition is 15th October 2011 and the winner will be notified by email.

Top 3 Kids Party Gifts

July 1st, 2010

I recently threw a birthday party for my oldest son. His first party. He’s not one – he’s six – but he’s never wanted a party before and that was absolutely fine with me. I found all the arrangement (where to have it, when to have it, who to invite, whether or not parents should stay) very stressful and that was before I remembered party bags.

You’ve probably read a few articles about ridiculously extravagant party bags containing iPods and tickets to Disneyland Paris (seriously), but clearly that’s crazy behaviour; I just wanted to give the children something nice that wouldn’t immediately be thrown in the bin. Like…

I collected pencil toppers (along with rubbers and keyrings) when I was small and I’m still quite fond of them now. I do love things that make a boring item entertaining and who wouldn’t want a friendly little lion on the end of their pencil?! A bargain at £1.50.

I think these Muddle Puzzles are wonderful. They’re harder than traditional jigsaws because there’s only one solution, but lots of “near” solutions. That’s a lot of entertainment for £2.50. (Educational too.)

I did think about just giving one gift with a thank you tag attached and this Fair Trade Wooden Whale jigsaw would be perfect at £4.95.