Groovy Girl!

February 16th, 2011
Groovy girl dolls fan

Our biggest Groovy Girl Fan

Well here we have our biggest Groovy Girl fan!

Surrounded by her presents from Father Christmas I think Jada definately looks a happy girl.

Hey Jada – we’ve got even more new groovy girls on their way – so get Mummy to keep an eye on the site.

We love these Halloween outfits!

November 2nd, 2010
Halloween fancy dress costume

We love this Spiderella costume

Well! I know this says Happy Customer Images – but this time it is me who is the customer and I just had to share these two little terrors with you!

And if I buy from my own store – well surely that’s as good a testimonial as any!!!!

These two were out trick or treating on Sunday night and part of the fun was chosing their fancy dress costumes and this Spiderella fancy dress outfit and The Midnight Fairy costume won hands down!

What do you think?  Did your kids dress up too?  We would love to see some photos.

Fairy wings

Midnight Fairy wings are a hit!

Happy Birthday Amelie

October 9th, 2010
Manhattan Toy Peapod

Amelie loves her Manhattan Toy Peapod

Happy Birthday Amelie!

We are so glad that you like your peapod that your Mummy bought you. She tells us that you are always cuddling it! That is so nice to hear.

We hope that you had a lovely 1st birthday.

Love all of us at Kiddymania

On Holiday with Infobands

July 26th, 2010

Well, this happy customer has some great pictures of her children in the reusable Infobands Childrens Identity Wristbands.

Infobands Reusable wristbands

Perfect for holidays - Infobands Identity Wristbands

Thank you for letting us see your lovely children on your holiday.

Hope you had a lovely time on your holiday – with the extra peace of mind that Infobands gives too.

Happy Birthday Jada!

March 19th, 2010
Rag dolls

Jada and her rag dolls

Well here we have a very happy customer! 

Little Jada received these beautiful rag dolls from her Mum for her birthday recently. 

Mum was so happy with her dollies that she had to let us know.

Jada loves her Emily rag doll and her selection of principles of Fair Trade Rag Dolls.

Thanks Jada’s Mum! We love your photo!