Lovely feedback from a happy customer

July 30th, 2014
Children's identity wristbands

Kids ID wristbands

A big thank you to Sarah for this lovely feedback regarding our Infoband Identity Wristbands.

“Comment: Dear Kiddymania & Dollymania,

I am just writing to say thank you for the infobands I purchased recently.  They arrived well on time and will be put to use on our family’s first big day out.

I had heard about such bands and when I came across your infobands I just had to get them for my children.”

These are a must for anyone going on holiday this summer.  We all know how easy it is to lose sight of your child for a split second and these reusable wristbands give you much needed peace of mind.  What’s more they come with free UK delivery too.  Buy yours from our Wristband Category…..

Kiddymania in Red Magazine!!!

July 22nd, 2014

In the Press!!

We were so proud to find that Kiddymania made it into Red Magazine in their July 2014 edition!!!

Children's Identity Wristbands

Infoband Children's Identity Wristbands

Our wonderful Infoband Children’s Identity Wristbands appeared in their summer travel essentials guide ….and we must say, Red Magazine, we do swear by them too and are a must for the Summer Holidays.

At only £3.50 each including free UK postage, you really can’t go wrong.

We believe that a child’s safety is invaluable and was so please that Red recognised this too.

You can see the full range on Infobands and purchase them in our online store here.

Thank you again Red!!

What a successful first week!

January 29th, 2014

Hi it’s Amy once again!

I’m glad to say I’ve successfully made it through my first week of being the blogger for Kiddymania.

Thank you very much for all the likes and positive comments I’ve received!

Don’t forget to spread the word about Kiddymania with your friends and family.

New Blogger!

January 18th, 2014

New Blogger for Kiddymania

Hi everyone!

It’s Amy here, I’m Judith’s daughter and I’ve been accepted as a Kiddymania’s new blogger. Be gentle, I’m new to all of this!

I had better introduce myself properly. I’m 14 and I’ve just started preparing for my GCSE’s. As you probably would’ve guessed, this job would be absolutely great for my CV in a few years ready for Sixth Form.. or even College! This job would really fit in as I’m currently doing an IT course, however I’m also really passionate about art.

I look forward to posting for you all in future!

Sports day is here!

July 9th, 2013

Kiddymania sports dayIt’s sports day today for my youngest daughter.  I believe we have lined up today the under and over race and of course the three legged race!

I wonder if Burbage is ready for my daughter and her best friend to be tied together at the leg ready to run down the field.  I wonder how far they will get before they are in a heap on the floor!

I always worry when it is sports day though especially when it is sunny.  I loaded her with suncream this morning but for the little lambs to be sitting out in the sun all afternoon in this heat!!!!  Well….I just worry.  At least she will have plenty of water with her.

Have you all had your sports days yet?  I would love to hear of your tales and your successes.

Want an idea for a Birthday Party?

March 8th, 2013
Birthday party ideas

Cupcake decorating parties

It is my lovely daughters birthday tomorrow and she is reaching the rip old age of 10!

Don’t you find it difficult to come up with party ideas for children these days.  It seems gone are the days of parties at home and pin the tail on the donkey, although I personally am a great fan of this sort of party.  There is nothing like musical chairs and pass the parcel!  I have so many good memories from my own childhood of parties at home with my family.

These days, however, things are a little different.  We have been to ice skating parties, roller discos and plenty of laser quest parties, so what to do for a 10 year old girl that is just that little bit different.

That is when i started wondering if there was such a thing a cupcake decorating parties, and sure enough I found one!! Oh joy of joy!! I was on the telephone to Landgirls Cookery School to see if they had any space and sure enough they did and was pleasantly surprised at the cost too!

So tomorrow afternoon I shall be going over to a cupcake decorating party with 9 very excited little girls!  I will of course let you see the results of our creative afternoon.

Do you have any unusual ideas for birthday parties for boys and girls?  We would love to know what you have planned if you have a birthday party coming up.

Does your baby love music?

January 16th, 2013

I was sitting here thinking of when my girls were younger and how they loved music even from an early age.

We used to go to a music group called Jo Jingles here in Hinckley and my two loved it…..nearly as much as I did !!!!

With all of the most popular songs, it takes the stress out of the day to do something proactive with your baby, not only with the benefits that music brings but also a very positive social element, not only for the babies but for mums and dads too.

I think our favourite song was Dingle Dangle Scarecrow (and we have the perfect finger puppet to accompany this!)…..closely followed by Sleeping Bunnies where all the little ones pretended to be asleep on the floor…..perhaps I should try that now that they are older, but somehow I don’t think that I will get away with it.

I you fancy trying Jo Jingles, there is a link on their website for local classes…….

He’s behind you!

January 11th, 2013

Cinderella you will go to the Ball

Well the pantomime season seems to be ending this weekend.  Did you go to the panto this year?

What’s your favourite pantomime? I think mine has to be Cinderella… has always been my favourite.

If you haven’t been to the pantomime yet there may still be time to get and see one.  We have found a link to the Big Panto Guide in London and there are some still running.

If you can’t get to the Panto, then bring the Panto to you and have your own production….a great place to start is to choose and outfit out of our fantastic fancy dress section.

How to make a baby bandana bib

January 10th, 2013

Special offer on baby bandana bibs

How to make a bandana Bib

Have you ever thought about trying to make a baby bandana bib?

I found this video on You Tube and would love to have a go myself – what do you think?

If that’s not for you then we have a special offer on our Baby Bandana bibs! Buy 4 and get 10% off.

Happy Birthday Gracie Fields

January 9th, 2013

Gracie Fields BirthdayDid you know that today is Gracie Fields Birthday? She was born on January 9th 1898.

Born over a fish and chip shop Gracie moved to fame in many great Theatre productions making songs such as Sally and Wish me Luck her own.

Do you share a Birthday with Gracie or know anyone that does? We would love to hear from you.

I wonder if this gorgeous Orange Tree Toys rag doll Gracie was name after Gracie Fields.  Gracie is not such a popular name these days but perhaps it should make a comeback – it is so pretty after all, and with a legacy like Gracie Fields …..well not so bad to be named after!