Babywearing? What do you think?

January 15th, 2013

Calin Bleu Sling

Babies love being held – but you need your hands free! Carry your baby in a Calin bleu wrap and get on with your life while baby stays close to your heart.

A Calin bleu wraparound baby carrier is a versatile and simple way of carrying babies and toddlers. Made from a selection of fabulous fabrics, the sling spreads the weight of your child across your back, both shoulders and hips.

With no complex clips to adjust, Calin bleu wraps make babywearing simple, and life better for parents and child, from birth to toddler. Your baby can lie down or be held upright, on your front, back, or hip. You can even breastfeed wearing a Calin bleu wrap.

We have a number of baby slings and carriers that might spark your imagination in our baby slings category.

Do you support babywearing or have you been to any babywearing classes? We would love to know and perhaps list any local babywearing classes that you know of.

Brrrr! It’s Cold Outside!

January 7th, 2013

Huggalugs legwarmersWell January is here and traditionally it’s usually the coldest month of the year, but after the wet December do you think we will have any snow?

I don’t think so but you just never know do you?

Well my daughters are back to school tomorrow and I think I will send them snuggled up in their favourite Huggalugs legwarmers.

Whats so special about Huggalugs Baby Legwarmers?

Huggalugs for school

Jada in her Huggalugs

Here are the facts:

Make a great second layer under trousers or coats(for arms) to keep out the cold without having the bulk of clothes around their tummies.

My girls just love them! How about yours?

In fact we have had an email from young Jada Clark who loves to wear her Huggalugs to school too. Thanks Jada ! We hope they keep you warm!

Introducing Dolly Designs Dolls Clothes

September 27th, 2011

Dolly Designs Dolls ClothesWe are so excited about this breaking news!

If you are like me you love traditional toys …..and what better than dolls clothes to encourage role play and also dressing and undressing skills in young children.

Well…we at Kiddymania have just launched our own brand of Dolls clothes which have been designed especially for us.  Introducing Dolly Designs by Kiddymania.

At the moment there are only a couple of styles but they are available in sizes 12-14″ (30-35cm), 14-16″ (35-40cm) and 16-18″ (40-45 cm) and will fit the major brands of dolls including the Petite Dolls range, Milly and Olivia.

If you need any help with the sizing of you doll, drop us a line and we will try to help you.

We would love to know what you think about our new range and keep checking back at the site as more will be added very soon.

Be sun safe on the long weekends

April 21st, 2011

If it’s anything like previous years, the glorious weather we’ve been enjoying is likely to come screeching to a halt for the Bank Holiday weekend, but if Easter’s a washout, perhaps the Wedding Weekend will be better?

Either way, here are our Top 3 products for safely enjoying the sun… whenever we may see it.

These Baby Banz legionnaire hats are made in Australia and offer excellent UPF50+ protection.They’re supplied with ties for a secure fit and the smallest hat size has an elasticated chin strap.

The Baby Banz one piece suits come with a zipper for convenient changes and is also available in pink and orange.

These extremely easy to use sun shades are available in family, junior and infant sizes. Remove from their bag and they pop up in seconds – no loose poles or ropes to worry about. Made from a fabric providing excellent sun protection, they’re easy to pack, making them ideal for holiday, picnics on the beach and fun in the garden.

And don’t forget, we’re offering 10% off Babybanz until the end of April 2011.

Super Soothers!!!

October 31st, 2010
Baby Dummies

Super soothers on Special Offer

After the popularity of Manufacturer of the Month page we have decided that this month the honour should go to Lots To Say Baby soothers.

We always love things that are cool and quirky here and Kiddymania – and just how cool are these babies dummies.

These super cooled baby soothers have also just won the silver award For the 2010/2011 Bizzie Baby Award – now just how fab is that!

 I just love the wording on these dummies and I am sure that they will tickle your sense of humour too!

They also feature:

Symmetrical teat made of silicone (same teat as Avent) – easy to keep clean

 Cutaway shape around nose and mouth helps prevent dribble rash

 Six small holes give good airflow

Compatible with most brands of soother clips

 So why not take advantage of this months special offer and start that Christmas shopping with a quirky little stocking filler!!!!

October Special Offer at Kiddymania

October 1st, 2010
Wilberry Dolls Rag Dolls

Gorgeous rag dolls from Wilberry Dolls

And this months Manufacturer of the month goes to…….The Wilberry Dolls Collection

After the popularity of Manufacturer of the Month page we have decided that this month the honour should go The Wilberry Doll Collection.

Now that is on its way what better time to be thinking about what Santa is going to bring your little one.

These beautiful rag dolls from Wilberry dolls are sure to delight and be a friend for life. They even come with their own personal finger puppet too!

Why Wilberry? Well to be honest there’s only one answer! They are just perfect!

Made to exceptional quality and with intricate detail you really cannot go wrong…..a perfect gift for anyone up to the age of 99 and beyond!

Now if you are like me, I get fed up with all these toys that take an age to get out of the packaging and then cost an arm and a leg in batteries. Now what is wrong with a bit of traditional play I ask myself! Actually my daughters are the best model for traditional play and love nothing more than to enter their own little world with their dolls. To watch them is entertainment itself!

So why not take advantage of this months special offer and start that Christmas shopping with a good old fashioned rag doll with a modern look.

To celebrate the these beautiful rag dolls we are offering 5% off Wilberry Dolls until the end of October.

If there is anything that you think we should feature in this new section please send us a reply to this post – we are always ready to listen.

The Next best thing to a Hug.

September 1st, 2010
The Stripey Company Baby Blankets

The Stripey Company

After the popularity of Manufacturer of the Month page we have decided that this month the honour should go The Stripy Company Baby Blankets.

 Now that Autumn is here you may be thinking about how to keep you baby warm on Autumn Walks.

 We have recently been out looking for more special lines to put on our website and have found a little gem in The Stripy Company.

 With many baby blankets to choose from they specialise versatile and warm baby blankets.

 100% knitted cotton baby blankets that’s perfect for the pushchair, cot or moses basket. They are small enough to stash in a changing bag and be brought out as an extra layer when needed.

 A beautiful idea for a new baby gift. Choose from our Cool Stripes or Funky Polka Dots ranges.

 So why chose cotton?

 We know that you want to do the very best for your baby, which is why The Stripey Company only sell natural fibre blankets. There are many cheaper alternatives but they come at a price to your baby and the environment.

 Cotton gets a lot of bad press due to the use of synthetic fertilizers in its production but the Stripy Company source the cotton for their blankets from responsible cotton producers, which reduces the impact on the environment.

 Like wool, cotton has many advantages that come from it being a natural fibre. It is also hypoallergenic because it is resistant to bacteria and fungus. Cotton also wicks moisture away from the skin and can take up to one fifth of its weight in water before it feels damp. This allows your child’s skin to breathe as it does naturally. Cotton has unique properties of high tensile strength, durability and absorbency and is soft and comfortable against the skin.

 Due to the way cotton is spun, it does not create static electricity when rubbed against the skin, as many man-made fibres do. Static electricity causes fabric to attract dust and animal hair and allows dust mites to exist in the fabric. Cotton eliminates these problems and provides a naturally healthy and comfortable fabric which we make their cotton baby blankets.

 We think these beautiful baby blankets are perfect as new baby gifts and they are assured of a healthy and natural product that’s safe and healthy.

 The Stripy Company – the next best thing to a hug! To celebrate the Stripy Company joining Kiddymania we are offering 5% off The Stripy Company Baby Blankets until the end of September.

100% Cotton Baby Blankets

100% Cotton Baby Blankets

Beating havfever for new mums with this special discount

June 30th, 2010

And this months Manufacturer of the month goes to…….BabyBlooms Baby Bouquets

After the popularity of Manufacturer of the Month page we have decided that this month the honour should go to BabyBlooms Baby Bouquets and cupcake gifts.

You don’t bring me flowers…………………..

How many hospitals now will not allow you to bring flowers into the wards, and really just how long do they last? A week? 10 days?

Well now there is an alternative to traditional flowers with these absolutely stunning Baby Bouquets from BabyBlooms…….and perfect for new mums with hayfever

Shaped in the form of a bouquet and full of baby clothes – these are a practical alternative to the traditional floral bouquet…….and they last much longer if you can bear to undo them! They even cater for those of you who prefer an organic range or if you have twins!

Baby Blooms do go one step further and offer a selection of baby cupcake pyjama sets, shaped in the form of a traditional cupcake they are just so cute……oh and far less fattening than the traditional cakes.

Organic Baby Bouquets

Perfect for new mums and Baby showers.

To celebrate bringing BabyBlooms to Kiddymania we are offering 5% off until the end of July.

But Mum! I don’t want to tidy my room!

May 28th, 2010

After the popularity of Manufacturer of the Month page we have decided that this month the honour should go to Doowell Magnetic games and

Reward charts

Encourage behaviour with these fab star charts

reward charts.

”But Mum I don’t want to tidy my room!” and “Mum! I don’t want to clean my teeth!” – Sound familiar?

Perhaps we should take a leaf out of many child obedience studies and try some gentle encouragement to get our kids to do what we want and what we know is good for them.

Reward Charts are a tried and tested method of encouraging good behaviour and habits as children earn rewards for good behaviour and these Doowell Reward Charts certainly fit the bill.

Brightly coloured attractive charts for behaviour or eating habits, encouragement is the main policy and is sure to work.

Saying a simple “well done” to your child when they have done something well of good is a great encouragement to them and these star charts take it one step further.

As well as having a pat on the back, your child can have something to aim for so that they can keep up their good behaviour.

And how about the 5 a day reward chart?Just how do you get children to eat healthy foods? Those who followed Jamie Oliver’s TV programme (or indeed who have their own children) will know how painfully difficult it can be. To help struggling parents everywhere, Fiesta Crafts have created an innovative solution with the 5 a day Reward Chart that makes it fun for children to eat healthily.

5 a day Reward Chart is very simple to use: The child and parent choose a reward and each time the child eats a portion of a fruit or vegetable, the appropriate piece is placed on the magnetic ‘plate’. A full plate in a day wins a star and seven stars earns the reward. 5 a day Reward Chart is even licensed by Department of Health’s 5 a day national campaign aimed at getting us all to improve our diets.

The huge popularity of TV parenting programmes such as ‘Little Angels’ has got parents much more switched on to the fact that children love reward charts. With the 5 a day Reward Chart, children will want to eat healthily and they will learn about new fruits and vegetables at same time. The fold up magnetic format means you can take your 5 a day Reward Chart anywhere making it very handy if eating out at friends or in restaurants.

Doowell Star chartsMake the most of these fab charts to offer all sorts of encouragement to your little ones.

To encourage the use of these fantastic star charts we are offering 5% off until the end of June.

The warm summer sun…… harmful can it be?

April 30th, 2010
UV kids sunglasses

UV Protection for Babies and Kids

Awwww!!! The smell of the barbeque, the sounds of children playing and the warm sun on your skin. Summer is on it’s way …… but with Summer comes the risks come along with it.

Summer brings lots of family fun but we should all prepare to keep kids safe in the sun.

We all know that serious consequences of sun exposure is skin cancer but did you know that most sun damage occurs before age 18, but skin cancer can take up to 20 or more years to develop. Children who experience just a few serious sunburns are believed to have an increased risk of developing skin cancer later in life..

Experts recommend that children should wear UV protective clothing as well a UV hat such as the swimwear and hats from Baby Banz.

On top of that wearing UV sunglasses can reduce the risk that the UV rays bring, but how to get babies to keep them on?? That’s where the innovative design that Baby Banz has comes into its own.

With the adjustable vecro headband strap, babies are much more likely to keep these super cool sunglasses on, and with sizes that range from 0-2 years to 2-5 years they must be an excellent investment for your childs safety this summer.

New to Baby Banz are the cute JBanz for our junior children, without the strap but in fantastic designs.

Why take the risk when there is a very low price safety net that could be used.

To encourage the use of Baby Banz UV products we are offering 10% off until the end of May allowing you to be safe for your summer holidays.